THE GREAT ESCAPADE/La belle équipée

Three children let their imagination run wild and build a boat to sail far, far away!!

Marthe, Charlie and Adama have a crazy idea – to build a boat to escape summer camp after being grounded and missing out on a canoe trip. Charlie fetches some wood and other supplies. Marthe gets something to carry it all in, and Adama prepares a survival kit.
The parallel scenes then follow the children as they search for supplies, their hard work, their amazement and their friendship. But when they are ready to build their boat, there is a big problem… Charlie forgot to bring anything to make the mast, sail and oars!
Imagine a DIY book, shaped and illustrated by Sonia Delaunay and Matisse…
A book that also plays with the memorable “books in which you are the hero” codes, with illustrated bubbles. Beyond choosing your favourite character, these bubbles help the reader to understand each person’s point of view in different situations, and shows that empathy is essential for a group to work together. They also help understand physically (by skipping pages) what an ellipsis is in a story and offer several reading experiences of the same book; short versions, one, two or three narrators by embodying different characters, etc.

When each one has followed his/her own path to lead to a common project, the result is brilliant. (…) Sophie Vissière gives shape to dreams, irrigated by the joy of being alive.” Télérama



Canoe trip for everyone!
Well, not quite… Not for Charlie, Adama and Marthe. Caught in the middle of a bread pellets fight in the canteen, here they are grounded.
– I would give anything to be with the others…
– Stop whining, Charlie! interrupts Marthe.
– Besides, if it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be here, adds Adama.
– I’m not whining. I’m bored, that’s all!
– Someone knows how to do a headstand?

Here is a good idea!