PLAY OUTSIDE!/Jouer dehors

A landscape picture-book that embarks the reader on a sensitive and accurate world tour, with kids happily becoming more and more free.

Stop running round in circles! Why don’t you go play outside? There are so many things to do! Run as fast as you can, look at the flowers, find shapes in the clouds
or simply breathe. Imagine you’re a great adventurer, jumping on the rocks, realising how fragile nature is, and being bewitched by its beauty! There are a thousand games to play.”

You were right, Mum, it was great, we completely lost track of time!

Two children are running around the house, knocking over furniture and getting in their mother’s way, so she tells them to go and play outside. Their outdoor adventure begins in the garden, and takes them on a tour through breathtaking landscapes, across deserts, up mountains, on the sea, and into the jungle. They encounter 250 different animal species along the way, from black bears and scorpions to barracudas and orangutans, including lots that are endangered or nearly extinct. Laurent Moreau’s striking picture book blends storytelling with adventure, celebrating our relationship with the world around us. Play Outside! includes an index of the animals featured inside, specifying their level of vulnerability to extinction.

Rights sold in English, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Simple Chinese.