I See Everything / Je vois tout

Five play books to learn about the five senses. 11 images per title, front and back, each focusing on one sense with bold graphic illustrations.


Toddlers will love these double-sided fold-out books, with simple and bold illustrations and nursery rhyme like texts.
A perfect series to discover the five senses, and how they are used in every moment of everyday life!
From a sweet strawberry, to a runny egg yolk, I taste EVERYTHING!
From a puppy barking, to the rain falling, I hear EVERYTHING!
From my favourite soft toy, to rain on the grass, I smell EVERYTHING!
From a colourful butterfly, to a cat in the dark, I see EVERYTHING!
From a soft feather, to the freezing cold snow, I feel EVERYTHING!

Five leporello board books for toddlers to get to know the five senses.

  • Les 5 sens dans tous les sens
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  • À partir de 10 mois
  • board book ● 15 x 16,5 cm ● 12 pages
  • Full colour on two-sides, Accordion book.
  • EAN : 9782330060077 ● 7,50 € ● 2016