Even rabbits sometimes feel blue! To understand how big a problem can grow, and how good it is to find comfort with your friends and fellows.


Big Rabbit has a problem. A big, bulky, sticky, slimy problem – and filthy… He makes piles of boogers on the carpet! And it stops him from reading, listening to music, watching TV or thinking about something else. So Big Rabbit calls his friends – that’s what you usually do when you have a problem. But no one answers. He tries to call his mother but she’s very busy: “I’ll call you back later, honey!” So, Big Rabbit has to get rid of this Big Problem on his own. Suddenly he has a great idea, a tremendous idea… He draws arrows on the floor to show the Big Problem the way out! Big Rabbit is so focused on his task that he doesn’t hear the doorbell ring. And when he opens the door at last, he finds all his friends at the door: the squirrel, the bear, the anteater, the fireflies… Even his mother, with arms full with gifts. Are they Christmas gifts? Are they… Spring gifts? Are they… Farewell gifts? “Hey stupid, these are Birthday gifts!” shout his friends. And with the big party, Big Rabbit completely forgets about his Big Problem. Where is he? Having fun! Touching and funny, the Big Rabbit is irresistible.


Rights sold in Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Simple Chinese and Italian