DINO HIDE AND SEEK/Cache-cache dinos

Jurassic hide-and-seek

A very, very, VERY long time ago, so long ago that nobody can even remember, dinosaurs roamed the earth. But they also got very bored! There was no TV, no books, no balls, no video games — NOTHING to play with. One day, the big dinos got so bored that they decided to play with the little ones. Finally, something fun to do! But what did the small dinos think?! Well, they decided to come up with an idea so that the big dinos wouldn’t run after them (and eat them).

A fun and original storyToupie

The dinosaurs’ faces are absolutely hilarious!Page des libraires



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  • Hardcover ● 18 x 23 cm ● 40 pages
  • EAN : 9782330049379 ● 11,90 € ● 2015