HELLO, PUPPET!/Bonjour Pantin

A pop-up book with flaps to lift, tabs to pull and lots of surprises


Hello, Hello! Hi! Hey there! Please! Thank you! Oh! Come on! You’re welcome! The cheek of it!! Have a nice day! Hello! Goodbye!

Elisa Géhin takes us into her little theatre of puppets who nod, lean, shake their arms or their heads in a funny way. A book exploring the notions of politeness and socialization… without forgetting to have fun! There’s only one answer to this preschool handbook of proper etiquette… Thank you, thank you so much!

  • Un pop-up hélium pour les petits
  • # # # #
  • From 3 up
  • 15 x 18 cm ● 18 pages
  • Full colour, pop-ups and mechanisms
  • EAN : 9782330073343 ● 12,50 € ● 2017