HAVE A NICE TRIP, LITTLE ONE/Bon voyage bébé !

Where do the babies go when they go to sleep?


Time to go! But first I need to choose my favourite soft toy, pack all my things, put on my best costume, kiss Mummy and Daddy good night, and then… dive into bed! An adorable picture-book to guide toddlers towards the Big Journey of Night!


Beatrice Alemagna is an expert in metaphysical tenderness.” Télérama

This first toddler book by Beatrice Alemagna is a real successLa revue des livres pour enfants

The perfect night routine guideNotes bibliographiques


Rights sold in Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Portuguese and Simple Chinese

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  • From 1 up
  • board book ● 15,5 x 20 cm ● 32 pages
  • rounded corners
  • EAN : 9782330077297 ● 11,50 € ● 2013