Betty and Burt / Betty et Burt

Betty, the wackiest bat in the colony meets a tiny animal called Burt. He’s so cute! Betty loves him. But the other bats aren’t so sure…


One night, Betty finds a tiny tadpole by the pond. She calls him Burt and takes him back to her cave. He grows up quickly and turns into a beautiful green frog.
At first the bat colony is intrigued, but they soon get tired of Burt croaking all day, which is actually their night… Can Betty and Burt find a way to carry on living and playing together in the sky or in the water?

Tenderness and humour for little and big kids, in a picture book full of bubbles.
A family of bright pink bats with names that all starts with B, who go through a range of emotions and feelings…


A bat feels different from the others. How to stand out and still belong to the group? By welcoming an even more different being with warmth and joy! A picture book full of humour.Telerama