À toi de jouer ! Play Time!

In 8 chapters, Didier Cornille embarks readers on a discovery of the world of toys, from the 19th century to today.
From stacking and construction bricks to outdoor games, Didier Cornille’s carefully chosen examples show inventiveness in terms of shapes, styles (animals, miniature figurines, etc.), materials and use (combinatory or educational), to develop children’s creativity and learn through play.

Accessible to both children and adults, playful and engaging drawings are combined with informative text providing a fun primer to the world of Toys and design.

A picture book that little and big kids will love, as well as design lovers.


As a bonus: easily detachable pages with plans and models of toys invented by the author to recreate at home.


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  • All Ages
  • Hardcover ● 21 x 30 cm ● 96 pages
  • EAN : 9782330175825 ● 17,90 € ● 2023