365 PENGUINS/365 pingouins

Sold in 13 languages throughout the world, honoured with several prestigious awards and studied at school, 365 Penguins has become a children’s literature classic.


Originally published in 2007 and unfairly hidden away for several years, this gem is back! In a new tuxedo jacket and a slightly smaller format, to spread the fun all over the world once more! A great and funny book to learn about counting… no mistakes allowed! On New Year’s day, a delivery man shows up at the door with a box.
With a penguin inside! Who sent this strange gift? There is no name on the box. Then, on January 2nd… ding dong! Another penguin on the door step. No name. No address. Nothing.
But what do you do when you receive a penguin every day of the year? (It’s getting a little crowded…) Well, you count them – and try to figure out what you’re going to do with all these (365…?) penguins!

A pièce de résistance . . . a real treat.Daniel Pinkwater
Integrates challenging Math concepts and environmental concerns into a clever narrative . . . Units on penguins and global warming will never be the same.School Library Journal


Rights sold in English, Czech, Italian, Russian, Simple Chinese for this edition