1,2,3… Let’s Go! (All the Way with your Finger) / 1,2,3, Partons ! Suis le chemin avec ton doigt

Simple and playful


1,2,3… let’s go! Follow the spot varnish path through the book with your finger. Discover the dark woods, have fun in the sky with the birds, hop with the frog or build a castle with a brave knight!


This small board book is an efficient and playful way to teach graphic movement to little ones, making them trace curves, lines, dots with their finger, until the last page where we hop to write the words: END!La Revue des livres pour enfants


Rights sold in Italian.

  • les petits tout-cartons
  • # # #
  • From 1 up
  • board book ● 14 x 15 cm ● 30 round corners
  • board book with round corners, raised spot gloss and UV varnish
  • EAN : 9782330065973 ● 9,90 € ● 2016