Joëlle Jolivet

Joëlle Jolivet is a huge designer who works mostly in linocut. She knows how to style without losing sight of the original object and is passionate about detail.

At helium, her collaboration with Jean-Luc Fromental gave birth to picture books that have become essential: Oops! (2009) , Bonesville (2015) and Bear Against Time (2018) without forgetting 365 Pingouins (republished by helium in 2017) and 10 Little Penguins around the wolrd (2011) as well as the pop-up of the 10 Little Penguins (2010) and Rapido’s Next Stop (2011).

But she also illustrated other albums such as The Honey hunter, the boy, the bees and bonbini (2013) written by Karthika Naïr and Panorama : a fold out book and  In This book (2011), both by Fany Marceau